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Culturally sensitive and tailored therapy for adults

Exploring issues related to identity, family dynamics, relationships and trauma. Working online and in-person. Evening and weekend sessions available.



Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist

Hi and welcome to my practice.

I'm a therapist based in south east London offering one-to-one sessions with adults.

I use a culturally sensitive approach paying close attention to things like your background, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and values – considering how these factors might be contributing to your challenges.


Areas I specialise in include:


depression and anxiety



guilt and shame

family dynamics


My commitment is to provide a safe, non-judgemental therapeutic space where you feel supported and comfortable in reflecting on difficult thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Some of which may be rooted in your cultural context.

How do I work?

Therapy can help you to understand complex emotional struggles, navigate through them and reframe thoughts.


I use an integrative approach which tailors tools and techniques to suit your individual needs.


My goal is to help empower you to go beyond short-term solutions, create lasting change and reconnect with your authentic self. 


Want to know more?

Email me at:


Or send me a message below so we can organise a quick call. 


During our call we'll talk about what you’re hoping to get out of therapy and you’ll be able to ask me questions about myself, how I work and/or about therapy in general.

Finally, if you want to work together, we'd then book the first session in our diaries, and take it from there!

Thanks for submitting!

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