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Are you...

overwhelmed by the expectations of others?

unheard and unable to speak your truth?

ashamed and guilt-ridden for choices you've made?

feeling isolated and misunderstood?

hiding your true self?

experiencing low moods or anxiety?

Together we can...

understand how your past has impacted you.

explore family dynamics and your relationships.

develop healthy coping mechanisms to stress.

help you to be your authentic self and find your voice.

How do I work?

I work integratively by applying techniques from different approaches to suit your unique needs. I consider factors like race, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural values and expectations and how these may contribute to the issues you're facing. We may also use visual tools that can offer an additional way of uncovering deep-rooted thoughts and feelings. Some of which may be too painful or difficult to articulate just through words. 

Want to know more?

Let's talk.

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